Fashion Show Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Fashion Show is the largest shopping center on the Las Vegas strip.  Their new outdoor LED displays are an immense and unique digital canvas.  Multiple screens, curved surfaces, and colossal scale require a whole new visual language.  Show+Tell and Brian Henry Design co-produced a series of original content through the use of imagery, color, scale, motion, and interactivity in the animations and videos that are featured on the Fashion Show displays.

Content package highlights:

  • Instagram Selfie Spotlight – A custom application that gives Las Vegas visitors the opportunity to take an Instagram selfie and then their see face larger-than-life on the Plaza Displays
  • Fashion Show Brand spots – custom 3-D animated brand logo spots
  • Art Moments – unique animated mood spots featuring iconic Las Vegas imagery
  • Artist spotlight – A series of artwork from up and coming digital artists curated for Fashion Show
  • A custom audio soundtrack composed and produced for the Fashion Show experience