We’re experts in digital signage and digital networking for businesses of all sizes.


Show+Tell delivers a crystal clear set of materials that answers all of your questions and more. Using industry standard processes, custom tailored to you, Show+Tell guides you through a series of inspirations, brainstorms, meetings, surveys and decisions which, in the end will be tidied up in a neat set of some or all of the items below.

The clarity which comes from defining other planning items allows for accurate and solid budget and schedule development. Not all variables can be fully nailed down in the planning phase, but Show+Tell can help you understand the choices for the obvious and hidden costs that are part of a digital signage project. The accuracy of these estimates set the stage for eliminating surprises and making your project a big win for your company.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to the content on your display, those pictures better be awesome. To make that happen, Show+Tell develops ideas, concepts, storyboards, and animations that make your message come to life and create impact.

We create a visual foundation, a creative “bible” of guidelines which detail all the rules, fonts, colors, motion and other components which gives your network a distinct visual personality consistent with your brand. Also, our design team creates digital sign templates so that you continue to have custom, powerful messaging without needing to re-design the content over and over again. Your brand is safe and protected, while your team keeps the content fresh and relevant. Beautiful.

With your team, Show+Tell develops a detailed plan that describes the types and mix of content that appears on your displays – a “Digital Signage Content Strategy”. Typically it describes the combination of Branding, News, Weather, Art as well as Advertising. The plan also describes how long each spot should be, how long is the Program Loop (how many spots play before it repeats), if there are different Program Loops at different times of the day or weekend (called dayparting), and if there are opportunities for longer segments of sponsored content. Getting these details right is one key to success and Show+Tell has lots of insight to the right way to go about it.

Show+Tell creates 3D images, digital sign renderings and video which show off the design and excitement of your new display. In order to best evaluate the image quality of the new display, we use sophisticated techniques to pre-visualize animations so that what you see is as accurate as possible for the resolution, size, brightness and viewing distance of your display. In some cases, samples and comparisons are necessary to determine the best display for the project.

We facilitate product demonstrations and viewing of similar displays in the real world.

Show+Tell uses industry proven practices to help detail and specify exactly what functionality is needed to make your vision a reality – this comprehensive document, called a “Digital Sign Functional Specification”, is the first step in the technical design process. It’s kind of like the first step of designing a house; describing how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are and what shape the pool should be.

The best Digital Sign system is functionally flexible and a place your message will want to live for years to come.

To complete a successful Digital Signage strategy, it is important to plan ahead and determine how many people it takes to operate, update, and maintain the system. An efficient operations team has a clear playbook to define content development, approvals, management roles, and technical support resources. Larger organizations require a “Digital Sign Workflow Operations Plan” so everyone knows what role they play in the success of the project.


A great display is a solid combination of elegant physical design and awesome content. Show+Tell delivers both. Show+Tell helps you select the best combination of quality, price and features to meet your goals.

Innovations in display technology are allowing incredible creative flexibility in digital display design. Screens of any size and shape are possible – enhancing environments and architecture in a way that creates a never before seen experience. Show+Tell is fluent in the most cutting edge LED, LCD, projection and tile displays, and knows how to use them to create amazing dynamic environments.

Show+Tell has vast experience in the integration of legacy systems and the newest digital signage platforms. There are hundreds of systems on the market which claim ‘digital signage’ capabilities. No software is best for every situation. Only one is best for you. We have hands-on real world experience with the top systems – we know the strengths and weaknesses of each. When selecting digital sign technology, your goal is to find the best mix of ease of use, cost, flexibility, expandability, interactivity. Show+Tell gets you to that goal quickly.

Each digital signage network installation poses its own unique challenges and considerations – Show+Tell leads various implementations, collaborating alongside retailers, architects, designers, integrators and technical staff to mitigate risk and ensure flawless execution. We employ strict standards to ensure excellent communication, schedule and budget adherence.

You’ll come to think of Show+Tell digital sign management team as a part of your own team – and that’s important so you can rest easy and trust the details are being handled with the same level of scrutiny that you would give. You’ve got one shot to make it right.

In order for your digital sign system to work in the most effective way possible, you’ll need an expert to set it all up. You want maximum flexibility and that takes smarts when setting up the system.

We’re fluent in most of the top digital signage software and hardware, and we save you money and time by making sure your network gets set up right the first time, and in the best way possible. From integration, programming, testing and sign-off, to workflow setup and user training, Show+Tell makes sure your system is fully ready to deliver your message the way you envision.


Owning a digital sign or network can take a crew of talented folks to keep it all running smoothly. Show+Tell makes it simple to own and operate a digital sign network. Our suite of operations services enable you to have a world-class digital sign operations team at your disposal without the overhead – whenever you need it.

The great thing about digital signs are that they work when you don’t. We make sure it stays that way. Our digital sign technical operations team combines tools, procedures, experience and a great attitude to ensure your sign receives our “No Dead Air” treatment.

All of the displays in the Show+Tell family are treated as mission-critical installations, deserving proactive maintenance, eyes-on inspections, emergency response and all the other TLC that we deliver to make sure that your sign feels the love that makes it deliver maximum up-time and performance.

Show+Tell’s digital sign asset management tool is an exclusive, user-friendly online database which allows for efficient collaboration among all parties involved. All accounts are secure and user level password protected. Images and videos are presented via thumbnails and are downloadable, aiding in content production and approvals. From anywhere, you can see what is currently playing on your signs, and browse a library of all assets available for your display both past and present.

There are times when you just need to call somebody to help. Somebody that knows you and knows what is important to you. Show+Tell is your “in-house” expert – a dedicated, trained staff at your service ready to use our 20 years of digital sign technical support expertise to make sure that what is troubling you doesn’t become a show-stopper.

Digital signage is made for big, flashy events. There is no better backdrop to an exciting event than beautiful, colorful imagery and messaging – instantly responding to the various moments of your special presentation. By adding interactive components, twitter feed capability, photo sharing, or simple “name in lights” component, your digital signs are the perfect supporting cast member to your main event. Let Show+Tell’s craftsmen help add magic to your show.

An enterprise class digital signage system is made of several sub-components, each of which represents a potential point of failure. Our motto is “No Dead Air” – so in order to maintain maximum up-time, proactive digital sign monitoring protocols must be applied to all mission-critical systems.

This strategy provides a continuous feedback loop that allows support teams to anticipate failure or to quickly react to incidents as they occur in real-time. Show+Tell provides dashboard monitors that provide real-time diagnostic details, display status, remote system health, network health, file and operating system integrity. In the event that any monitored system encounters a failure, an alert notification is either logged or escalated to support/help desk for further interpretation.

Coordination and scheduling can be a full-time job – the day-to-day duties of making sure each day’s program is up and running needs a focused eye. When advertisers are involved, proof of play reports must be generated and distributed to make sure your sign is operating at peak performance. From asset collection, file formatting, media ingestion, scheduling, distribution and quality control, Show+Tell’s digital sign content management staff makes the business of running a digital sign network seem easy and carefree.

Your ad-based digital sign network is only as successful as the people selling it. Show+Tell’s digital sign sales support team brings knowledge, experience and ingenuity to support your sales team – making your clients realize the benefits of advertising with you. We reinforce your value proposition by bringing current digital signage trends, interactive add-ons and custom ad campaigns that make your display best in class.