Inspiring Tech Tour 2023

To our good friends at <YOUR COMPANY>

I’d like to invite you to come see a “Show+Tell” of the coolest projects using Audio/Video and Interactive Technologies. 

As someone who works in the design, development, construction or management of large corporate projects, you’ll be interested to see a collection of some of the newest cutting-edge installations of place-based media from the world over. Additionally, we can talk about what it takes to develop, install, and manage the tech, and pitfalls and checkpoints along the process.

A high-level, informal conversation that will hopefully inspire you with some beautiful and fun projects from all over the world. All from the cozy comfort of your own Zoom nook.

Tuesday, November XX, x:30am
Via Zoom Invite

We’ll keep it casual and conversational. I’d really like to hear if there are any specific questions or thoughts you have about these or any other projects you’re working on.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Philip Lenger
Founder | CEO

Below are a few sample topics we can touch on during our chat – it’ll really just depend on whatever ideas you’re interested in.


Cool Stuff

We’ll share samples from around the world of interesting and trending Digital Display and AV designs.

Clients Measure of Success

How an installation looks is only part of the goal. Focusing on ease of use and designing in robustness are two often overlooked steps .

Checkpoints in Tech Projects

– Can we afford this? Early Cost Estimates
– Can we make money? Advertising ProFormas
– Who will operate/take care of it all? Operations Plans
– What will go on the screens? Content Plans
– Other common challenging issues

“Flexible Spaces” = Room to Grow+Change

Public Spaces need to evolve over days/months/years to be truly useful. Ways to ensure the installation and the infrastructure will provide flexibility over years.

Video Displays Need Content

While it sounds surprising to point out, it is often an afterthought. What are best/worst case scenarios for the care and feeding of digital displays? Some ideas to keep it manageable and affordable.

Usability – “Will I Need to hire a Rocket Surgeon?”

Like any other technology, it’s only as good as the people using it and how well the tool is suited to their skill level. Will it need a rocket scientist or an average user? How many people will it take to operate it?

Serviceable – Cost of Ownership

Servicing can be risky (danger to equipment or persons) and/or expensive if the install/service method isn’t  well thought through. Ideas to design in better serviceability.