While traveling in Singapore, we stayed at the whimsical Philippe Stark-designed South Beach Hotel. While everything about this hotel is a wild and crazy design experience, the piece that immediately impressed me was the large, high resolution digital video display that greets you in the front entrance.

It stands about 20′ high by about 15′ wide and seems to be about 2mm or less in dot pitch – very high resolution by today’s standards. What is most impressive is the content loop – a bubbly, vibrant, and ‘chewy’ mix of icons and colorful graphics that set the stage for the entire hotel experience. Design surprises around every corner.

Here is an extended video I made just to savor the display and environment…

Here is the marketing video produced by the hotel. Also note the floating candelabra (at :08), the flames are actually tiny LED screens – so real – even from inches away it appears like an actual flame is there inside a tiny cage. Wonderful.