Video Sign Player: Discontinued

About 2 years ago, we set out to develop the simplest and easiest digital sign player anyone could use. And we wanted to provide it for free. We succeeded and are happy you have enjoyed using it.

However, we recently were informed that there will be changes to back-end systems¹ used by VSP – systems not controlled by us. These changes will cause the VSP app to stop working in it’s current form.

We always intended to give this app away for free, but now we find that it is costing too much for us to continue to support it. Even if we started charging for it, the current user base is not large enough, so the math does not add up to enough revenue to pay to maintain the app. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to discontinue supporting it. We really hate having to make this decision.

Effective January 1, 2017, the Show+Tell Video Sign Player is being retired.  The app may continue to work as long as you stay signed in, but if you sign out, you will be unable to sign back in—effectively rendering the app unusable. Show+Tell will not be able to help restart the player.

The fact that so many people love and use this app has been a great source of pride for us for quite a while, and we have not come to this decision lightly.

So again, we thank you for using the Video Sign Player app.



Suggestions for possible alternatives:

VLC – VideoLan

Plex for Apple TV

Alternatively, if you need a more mission-critical digital sign solution which requires enterprise level services and support, click the “Send us a Message” link below to talk to us about how a professional digital signage strategy can benefit your business.

¹ VSP used an authentication service called Parse which has changed their api, and DropBox has changed their authentication api.